Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Celebrating Girl Power

For a while now I have been loving the fact that as a woman, God has innately created me and equipped me and all woman like me with the incredible ability to wear many hats. On a daily basis I wear many hats and I am coming to love the look and feel of each and everyone of them. As a stay at home momprenuer here are some of the hats I wear. Hola, if you wear them as well.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Neo Soul Rhymes Goes on Tour!

Hi All,

Well as many of you know my new CD Neo Soul Rhymes Volume 1 is done and doing well! V also just completed a book that is gaining great notoriety "Let Freedom Sing" and is available in stores now. Our 8 City Tour launches this month on the 19th! Red Hippo Box is handling the promotion and the tour. I will keep you posted on dates and locations. For the month of September V and I will be doing the following:

BROWNSTONE BOOKS: Let Freedom Sing Book Signing
Brownstone Books, 409 Lewis Avenue, Brooklyn, NY Saturday, September 19, 2009 at 1:00 pm-3:00 pm www.brownstonebooks.com/718.953.7328

Whole Food's Block Party, Springfield Avenue, Milburn, NJ Saturday, September 11:00 am - 3:00 pm www.wholefood.com/stores/milburn/908.688.1455

AUNT JEAN'S TOY STORE: Neo Soul Rhymes Vol. 1
Aunt Jean's Block Party, 12 North Willow Street, Montclair, NJ Sunday, September 27, 2009 11:00 am - 4:00 pm www.auntjeanstoys.com/973.783.6100

Be sure and tell all your friends and family to come out and say hello and enjoy the events!

We look forward to seeing your face in the place!
2Geechee Girls!

Music to Live by...Donald Lawrence

Morntink everyone!

Just a few days ago while hanging with V, she shared a copy of her latest top tracks to live by. The 1st track with Donald Lawrence's Back II Eden from The Law of Confession, Part I. After having Track No. 1 on repeat for an afternoon, the next day I went out and purchased a copy so I could hear the rest. The CD is awesome and was inspired by a teaching from Dr. Bill Winston on The Law of Confession. He also has a book coming soon. I love all music, but the style and chords of my Pentecostal upbringing are traditional and contemporary gospel. I have longed to hear lyrics and melodies that chant the principles of God and Trumpets his Word. In this CD I have found it. To many times the fabulous hooks and vamps we chant are stepped in negative words describing how we long for and are waiting for our heavenly Father to show up in our circumstances.

Donald Lawrence has truly captured the essence of powerful call and response gospel music that can release a spirit of joy and exuberant expectation! I don't purchase much music as when I find something that works I play it forever and ever. This is the album for me and I encourage you to get it and enjoy it as well. It is the daily lyrical and musical vitamin we all need or just the right spoon-full-of-sugar to help the medicine of life go down!

Hand Clapping and Foot Stomping Yawl!
Geechee Girl Coy

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebrating the 4th!

"Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." Thomas Paine

Hey yawl!

I hope your 4th of July was just as great as ours. V and her crew (boo and baby girl) and I and mine (boo and baby boy and baby girl) sat on the deck at my house and had burgers, dogs, Crochets potato salad, hmmm good and V made smores with the kids.

We also listened to all MJ's greatest hits known and unknown. V's boo downloaded a bunch of stuff and we had a great time reflecting on the King of Pop! He truly was awesome and worthy of recognition and sincere celebration. I think we listened to Heart Break Hotel at least 10 times! Here's to good times and freedom!

Cracklin Cornbread and Sweet Tea!

Monday, June 15, 2009

We're Back!!

How Una Doing? Missed you guys something fierce. First and foremost please accept my apologizes for not keeping in touch. The last several months have been filled with ins, outs, ups and downs, but certainly more ups than down and more ins than outs!

BTW, let me say hats off to all those who keep their blogs current and up to date no matter what the weather. You are an inspiration to me! Kudos to my big Sis Vanessa Brantley Newton. She consistently connects with her blog community and it continues to grow so nicely.

Okay, remember the 2Geechee Girls started this blog to share with you the things that we love to do hoping it would encourage, uplift and be fun. Well get out your noise makers it is time to celebrate!

About a year ago I began a children's album entitled Neo Soul Rhymes Vol. 1 a remake of classic nursery rhymes classic with a neo soul and jazzy twist. Well, the much awaited album will be available on June 25th! It has 8 cuts on it with a few originals that I am sure you will love. In a few days I will send a more detailed notice about the CD and our major event coming up on July 18th.

Vanessa also has some fantastic news! V's first hard cover children's book will be available in stores September 2009! The book is entitled Let Freedom Sing and is published by Blue Apple Books! It is a 32 page full color picture book that depicts pivotal and commemorative moments during the civil rights movement. I believe it is some of her best work ever!

I am so very, very proud of she and I am in awe of her endless flow of creativity. May your streams never be blocked. Look for a "Proud Sistah Strikes Again" entry real soon and more details outlining the up coming launch of Neo Soul Rhymes Volume 1 and Let Freedom Sing!

For more info on the upcoming release of the CD visit us at www.neosoulrhymes.com and as always check out Vs stuff at www.oohlaladesignstudio.blogspot.com

It's good to be back, Fish and Grits yawl!
2 Geechee Girls!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

HER Ministries Back to Basics "The Prayer Clinic"

Hi All,

Yesterday HER Ministries (Healing Every Realm) hosted one of the most impacting monthly meetings I have ever had the privilege of attending. It was held at the beautiful and historic Montclair Women's Club in Montclair, NJ. The event started off with the usual excellence of the ministry hosts founder, Evangelist Dean Porterfield and her daughter, co-host Minister Tennille Miller.

As we completed registration we received a program snuggled inside a beautiful gifted copy of the Prayer of Jabez, so from the door to the well appointed continental breakfast and their ability to host you in such a warm and inviting way, HER was pouring love into us and creating an atmosphere for experiencing something great.

After dining we moved into our seats to begin the meeting. I had the awesome opportunity to lead praise worship. Vanessa was unable to attend so I was blessed to have the help and support of the gifted and willing in the form of pianist Denzel Cohen along with praise and worship leaders Keisha Reynolds and Khalif Miller.

Leading the attendees of HER is always a blessing, because they come filled with anticipation. Also it is like coming home for me since about 50% of the supporters are family and friends I have known since I was a child. Therefore that love and support is always in the room and there is nothing quite as inviting and warming to the heart as looking into the faces of those that love you, support you and are just proud of you.

At the conclusion of worship Evangelist Dean came up to introduce the speaker of the hour and the entire room just erupted into an elongated moment of praise and declaration unto the Lord. It was a beautiful sustaining moment in His presence.

Then came the main course and dessert! In the form of one of the most dynamic preaching/teaching, practical sessions on prayer I have ever been in, and I have been in many. The Rev. Lula A. Baker of New Hope Baptist Church, Newark, NJ was a breathe of fresh air you just wanted to keep inhaling for hours!

Rev. Baker started the session with foundational scripture references and sharing the stories of biblical characters and their journeys in pray along with the great results. She then began to break it down even more sharing revelatory insights and nuggets of truth. Rev. Baker has the uncanny ability to unwrap the ageless principles and ways of God from around the historical figures and then rewrap them around modern scenarios you quickly identify and grasp. Her sharing that way made her points so intensely powerful, that with each aha moment and reference it took everything you had to stay in your seat taking notes and not just stand in agreement shouting amen the entire time.

It is said, the highest form of communication is story telling and that Christ was the greatest story teller that ever lived. Well Rev. Baker has certainly tapped into that anointing, with her ability to tell a story or a "Modern Day Parable" if you will. I along with many others found ourselves writing pages of notes that I am certain we will reference time and time again. For just a taste of what we dined on ponder these headings and statements of faith she shared.

Pray Purposefully
Plan Prayerfully
Proceed Positively, and
Pursue Persistently

After the session was over there was a line to greet and thank her for sharing. I made my way personally to her as well and with a heart filled with gratitude I thanked her for the timely teaching.

In the tradition of HER attendees we all hung around and continued to snack and chat about the meeting. Everyone I came in contact with was greatly impacted by the session and is looking forward to praying with knowledge and insight.

Kudos to HER for hearing the heart of God for such a time as this and hosting this much needed Back to Basics "Prayer Clinic."

If you are looking for an opportunity to come together with women of like faith and life and be encouraged and empowered, consider attending HER Ministries monthly sessions.

Select upcoming HER events include:

All Day Bus Trip, Strasburg, PA
Book Club Review "The Prayer of Jabez"
Financial Workshop - "Giving your way to Financial Freedom"
"Girl Time: 4 You; 4 Us"

For more information on meeting dates and times for their 2009 agenda, visit them at www.herministries.com and hopefully we will see you next month.

As always V and I love you and thank you for your continued support. Allowing us to do what we love to do and share it with you!

We love you like bountiful bags of fresh baked bagels and cream cheese!
2 Geechee Girls

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Una have a Geecheelcious Valetine Day!

Hi All,

It's been a minute since our last entry, but for good reason. We have been busy being wives, mothers and sister-girl-friends. On top of all of that we have been planning something special for the spring as well, but more about that later.

Right now we just want to tell you how much we love and appreciate each and everyone of you. The love and support that comes our way is constant and crazy good!

Please know that we see it, hear it, but most of all we feel it. At the most critical and crucial times it comes rushing in and overtakes us like a warm blanket pulled up at the right time in the middle of the night and we just wrap ourselves in it and bask!

Like when our boo's Ray and Will care for our seeds (our kids) helping them with their homework, cooking dinner, washing clothes, running errands, rubbing tired feet, doing hair and painting nails; or

how our visiting god-parents, Bob & Larue Miller come into town for a week and we come in to home cooked meals everyday, love, hugs and watching happy children play Apples to Apples or Rummikub with them for hours; or

when our peeps, like Angel, Pam and Wendy scoop up our kids from school when we can't get their, then take them home feed them a snack and start that homework, priceless...but wait there's more

Like when my crew of friends at work are all willing to cover reception for an hour each day so I can rush home to be with my kin folk visiting from the low country and eat dinner at a godly hour! Yippee; or

how my follow fine and performing art industry peeps, like Wendy, Anthony, Tonya, Sunny, John, Nate, Khalif, Pamela, Jennifer and Dosia all drop what they are doing to help each other make the most of an awesome opportunity!, but wait there's more.....

Like how folks are still celebrating my birthday with lunches, dinners, and drive-bys at home filled with hugs and kisses and continued birthday wishes.

Here's hoping we do the same for you. Have a wonderifical Valentine's Day and more than getting love, give love in a big way now and forever. It really does conquer all!

Loads of dark chocolate and sunflowers!
V and Me

Sunday, January 25, 2009


"Like a vine CLIMBING and clinging to the foundation of support so I climb and cling to all of my hopes, dreams and aspirations, striving with every inspired thought and action toward full expression of the things inside of me I long to see manifest. Once expressed, I trust that in the end, like a lifeless vine my brown roots and fossilized impression will remain just as vibrant, just as potent and just as empowering as if I where there like the once rich green ivy foliage of times gone by." May this be your heart's desire also. ~ Geechee Girl Coy

Friday, January 23, 2009

Eenie Meanie Miny Moe - Help Coy Pick out a Photo

Geechee Greetings,

For my birthday my Big sister V is going to do a black and white portrait of me from a recent photo. I would like your help in deciding which photo to use.

Most recently I purchased a table top book entitled Jacqueline Kennedy The White House Years. It depicts the oh so fabulous fashions she wore from 1961 - 1963 and all the marvelous additions and renovations she conducted while in residence. In the beginning pages is a timeless charcol illustration of her by Rene Bouche. It is her pre-inaugural portait and it was featured in Vogue 1961. When I saw it I knew then that I desiring a good thing, having an illustration done of me during this very eventful era of my life.

Take a look at the photographs I am considering and let me know which photo you think is the most flattering and will remain the most memorable as a black and white portrait. I know which I really like, but I value your opinion so please post an entry with your suggestion using the descriptions I provided below.

No. 1 Curly-Cue-Coy
No. 2 Smiles-4-Miles
No. 3 Mona-Geechee

Thank you,
Geechee Girl Coy

Monday, January 12, 2009


“Keeping the negative energy contained and giving no ear to its voice, empowers us to accentuate the positive, see new opportunities and ultimately make better choices.” ~ Geechee Girl Coy

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

IF Resolve

Coy's Resolve is to:
Live well, love hard and prosper;
Lead by example;
Excavate, illuminate and celebrate her authentic self;
Create from the heart, handmade moments and goodies for herself and others;
Cultivate rewarding relationships;
Facilitate the dreams of others, for her cup is full, when she fills the cup of others;
Glean from her trailblazing and trendsetting Big Sis. V and this Blogging Colony of incredible Artisans all the inspiration her heart and hand can hold that will equip her to create her own artistic expressions through her love of words and scroll work;
Make it rain as only she can do and hope that it inspires you to make it rain too!

Hope you like it!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy B-Day Geechee Girl Coy!

Hey Yawl, January 2nd was my B-Day and it was awesome! I learned from a wise woman that past a certain age B-Day's should be celebrated broader and longer. I wholeheartedly agree! Just like a fine wine with age we only get better. Rare, highly valued, sought after and only brought out to serve the best. Like a true treasure, when you pop our cork, just let us sit for a moment and breathe, then drink deep and enjoy! See! Now I bet you can hardly wait to celebrate your coming BDays with a little more longevity.

I believe one of the greatest gifts is listening. After that displaying the fact that you have heard via thoughtful and tangible PDA’s Public displays of affection or acts. For example this year I received some of the most remarkable B-Day gifts. Not that I am so hard to please, but in the last few years or so I've been on a journey to discover myself, cause not really knowing what you like or what you are really into can be a drag and just plan sad. Therefore, having dug deep into myself I've found nuggets of truth that I have come to really value.

On New Year's Eve from my big sis. V I received a big designer bag in my accent color for life, red!! From my boo, I got the DVD series of one of my favorite actors and performers of all time FRED “Freaking” ASTAIRE!!!! I love that dude. He was so suave, cool, elegant and debonair, and most of all his rhythmic delivery while walking, talking, singing, dancing or just snapping his finger and swaggering along were priceless. Another set of sweet moments came with all the FB Face Book love I have received since I wrote on my wall "Coy is loving all the B-Day FB love coming her way, and came my way it did!!!! Thanks everybody.

Some of the most righteous gifts came from a few of my sistahgirlfriends. Like a set of four, white plates with black scroll work. Scroll work is one of my most wonderifically favorite things. My smile was sooooooo big. In my quest to brand 2Geechee Girls in your mind and heart, I said in passing "I would love to have a jumbo clear umbrella with the geechee girl logo on it for my B-Day." along with dinner at my new favorite restaurant.

So what do they do? They punk me and place in a beautiful gift bag all wrapped in tissue a .99 cent umbrella that they attempted to replicate the Geechee Girl logo on. Lame, uh? It sure was, but did Geechee Girl Coy know that? Heck no. I started almost screaming in giddy excitement in the middle of restaurant as I pull out the Dollar Store umbrella, unsnapped it and fully extended it as I exclaimed how happy I am and how wonderful this is and they are. Little did I know I was being punked and V was in on it too. As you can see they drew their version of V’s logo, stick figures and all. LOL!

After dinner at another place, and almost at the end of the evening, my girlfriend goes to the car in the cold and brings back the real deal, this incredible thoughtfully appointed basket full of the most fabulous Geechee Girl must haves to inspire me to dream, blog and share it all with you thus, this long entry! Shhhhhhhh, I’m getting better, at least it’s entertaining, right?

In the basket was, of course, a very generous gift certificate to, you guessed it, Cuban Pete’s! the perfect red mug, red designer ink pens, geechee girl folders, a red picture frame, beautifully colored journals and my very own geechee girl hot cup with the logo for my favorite morning libation, hazel nut coffee, light with two Splenda! It is so good to be loved, but even better to be known and celebrated for being you! Enjoying B-Day delights from Winter till Spring!

Thanks yawl!
Geechee Girl Coy