Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wednesday: Relationship Day & Thursday: Execution Day

Wednesday: Relationship Day. Rewarding relationships are built on everything you do or don't do. The Good, the bad and the very ugly. How you manage them is the truest reflection of who you are and how you regard yourself and others. So, go on, manage them.

Thursday: Execution Day. Today is the culmination of all your weekend musings and your weekly interactions. Today is the day to respond, run errands, return calls, and say yes or no. Have no regrets!

Kill it or bring it back to life,
2 Geechee Girls

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesday is Revenue Day!

Revenue Stream: A revenue stream is a form of revenue. Revenue streams refer specifically to the individual methods by which money comes into a company. ~ Wikipedia

Take time 2 mediate on your revenue streams today. Determine which ones need some additional attention, there may be a blockage. See in your mind's eye what could be blocking the stream and what is the best way to remove it or keep it clear.

Do a quick mental inventory of the resources that you have stationed to govern those streams and be sure they are the best resources (people, places and things) for maximum return.

May una streams flo clear now fa tru,
2 Geechee Girls

Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday is Vision Day

Today on Vision Day a.k.a. Monday we encourage you to ponder your gifts, talents and abilities in a way that speaks to your future endeavors. Start small or go as big as your imagination can take you. Your visionary thoughts for today may only encompass what you want to accomplish by the end of the week and that is good or it they may take you to a place and time in the future wherein you are doing the things that you since God's pleasure on as you do them. You know, the things that make you smile and work your hardest with ease and the joy in knowing that if I never make money from doing this, it will be deemed the hardest work I ever loved.

Of late our visionary thoughts are so vast and varied that we have taken to writing dreamscripts. In them we converse as if we have already accomplished our goals. We speak of the activities, joys, and responsibilities that are birthed out of the manifested expression of our visions. It is one of the most rewarding elements of Vision Day.

Sending your way heaps of mental and emotional health. The kind that equips you to make right decisions and love your yes and your no even when others don't. This healthy posture will result in teaching others how to interact with you in way that shows healthy regard for you and them. Have day filled with futuristic thoughts of a you doing what you love to do and making a phenomenal difference!

Una be good!
2 Geechee Girls!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Barnes & Noble Featuring Vanessa Brantley Newton

Hi All, Attached are photos of the Livingston Mall Barnes & Noble Teacher's Appreciation Reception that Vanessa presented at on April 15th. Vanessa was one of two presenters. She spoke first about the impact her teachers had on her and she then shared about being a children's book illustrator, Let Freedom Sing and the awesome opportunity afforded her by Blue Apple Books. Needless to say, after her 17 minute presentation the author's table where she was sitting was rushed by teachers anxious to meet her, purchase the book and book her to speak at their schools.
Deirdra, The host and Communication Specialist for the Livingston Barnes & Noble store, announced shortly thereafter that all the copies of Let Freedom Sing had sold out! Yippee!!! All in all we meet some great educators and the second speaker Cynthia Willis was awesome. She is a published children's book author who formerly worked as a text book editor at Scholastic. Have a great day and enjoy the photos.

Fish & Grits Ya'll!