Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy B-Day Geechee Girl Coy!

Hey Yawl, January 2nd was my B-Day and it was awesome! I learned from a wise woman that past a certain age B-Day's should be celebrated broader and longer. I wholeheartedly agree! Just like a fine wine with age we only get better. Rare, highly valued, sought after and only brought out to serve the best. Like a true treasure, when you pop our cork, just let us sit for a moment and breathe, then drink deep and enjoy! See! Now I bet you can hardly wait to celebrate your coming BDays with a little more longevity.

I believe one of the greatest gifts is listening. After that displaying the fact that you have heard via thoughtful and tangible PDA’s Public displays of affection or acts. For example this year I received some of the most remarkable B-Day gifts. Not that I am so hard to please, but in the last few years or so I've been on a journey to discover myself, cause not really knowing what you like or what you are really into can be a drag and just plan sad. Therefore, having dug deep into myself I've found nuggets of truth that I have come to really value.

On New Year's Eve from my big sis. V I received a big designer bag in my accent color for life, red!! From my boo, I got the DVD series of one of my favorite actors and performers of all time FRED “Freaking” ASTAIRE!!!! I love that dude. He was so suave, cool, elegant and debonair, and most of all his rhythmic delivery while walking, talking, singing, dancing or just snapping his finger and swaggering along were priceless. Another set of sweet moments came with all the FB Face Book love I have received since I wrote on my wall "Coy is loving all the B-Day FB love coming her way, and came my way it did!!!! Thanks everybody.

Some of the most righteous gifts came from a few of my sistahgirlfriends. Like a set of four, white plates with black scroll work. Scroll work is one of my most wonderifically favorite things. My smile was sooooooo big. In my quest to brand 2Geechee Girls in your mind and heart, I said in passing "I would love to have a jumbo clear umbrella with the geechee girl logo on it for my B-Day." along with dinner at my new favorite restaurant.

So what do they do? They punk me and place in a beautiful gift bag all wrapped in tissue a .99 cent umbrella that they attempted to replicate the Geechee Girl logo on. Lame, uh? It sure was, but did Geechee Girl Coy know that? Heck no. I started almost screaming in giddy excitement in the middle of restaurant as I pull out the Dollar Store umbrella, unsnapped it and fully extended it as I exclaimed how happy I am and how wonderful this is and they are. Little did I know I was being punked and V was in on it too. As you can see they drew their version of V’s logo, stick figures and all. LOL!

After dinner at another place, and almost at the end of the evening, my girlfriend goes to the car in the cold and brings back the real deal, this incredible thoughtfully appointed basket full of the most fabulous Geechee Girl must haves to inspire me to dream, blog and share it all with you thus, this long entry! Shhhhhhhh, I’m getting better, at least it’s entertaining, right?

In the basket was, of course, a very generous gift certificate to, you guessed it, Cuban Pete’s! the perfect red mug, red designer ink pens, geechee girl folders, a red picture frame, beautifully colored journals and my very own geechee girl hot cup with the logo for my favorite morning libation, hazel nut coffee, light with two Splenda! It is so good to be loved, but even better to be known and celebrated for being you! Enjoying B-Day delights from Winter till Spring!

Thanks yawl!
Geechee Girl Coy


mystele said...

yay!!! happy birthday, gorgeous lady! you two have such beautiful smiles. hope to get to know you both better in 2009, and i really, really appreciate how you know just the right words to send my way at just the right time. God is good, and you are both proof of that in my life! thank you!!!

Kimberly said...

Happy Birthday Girlfriend!!!!! Love the pics. Thanks also for the sweet comments regarding my son (Blake #24) You betcha Mama is sooooooooooooooo proud to have such a wonderful family :)They mean the world to me!!!

Happy New Year,


Kendra Joyner said...

Happy Belated B-day...sounds like it was fantastic!! Love the "punked" story...very funny!!

Shelly said...

Hey Coy, Wow HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and it sound like you really had a great day.


Tomás Serrano said...

Happy birthday plus eleven days! He he