Monday, June 15, 2009

We're Back!!

How Una Doing? Missed you guys something fierce. First and foremost please accept my apologizes for not keeping in touch. The last several months have been filled with ins, outs, ups and downs, but certainly more ups than down and more ins than outs!

BTW, let me say hats off to all those who keep their blogs current and up to date no matter what the weather. You are an inspiration to me! Kudos to my big Sis Vanessa Brantley Newton. She consistently connects with her blog community and it continues to grow so nicely.

Okay, remember the 2Geechee Girls started this blog to share with you the things that we love to do hoping it would encourage, uplift and be fun. Well get out your noise makers it is time to celebrate!

About a year ago I began a children's album entitled Neo Soul Rhymes Vol. 1 a remake of classic nursery rhymes classic with a neo soul and jazzy twist. Well, the much awaited album will be available on June 25th! It has 8 cuts on it with a few originals that I am sure you will love. In a few days I will send a more detailed notice about the CD and our major event coming up on July 18th.

Vanessa also has some fantastic news! V's first hard cover children's book will be available in stores September 2009! The book is entitled Let Freedom Sing and is published by Blue Apple Books! It is a 32 page full color picture book that depicts pivotal and commemorative moments during the civil rights movement. I believe it is some of her best work ever!

I am so very, very proud of she and I am in awe of her endless flow of creativity. May your streams never be blocked. Look for a "Proud Sistah Strikes Again" entry real soon and more details outlining the up coming launch of Neo Soul Rhymes Volume 1 and Let Freedom Sing!

For more info on the upcoming release of the CD visit us at and as always check out Vs stuff at

It's good to be back, Fish and Grits yawl!
2 Geechee Girls!