Sunday, September 13, 2009

Music to Live by...Donald Lawrence

Morntink everyone!

Just a few days ago while hanging with V, she shared a copy of her latest top tracks to live by. The 1st track with Donald Lawrence's Back II Eden from The Law of Confession, Part I. After having Track No. 1 on repeat for an afternoon, the next day I went out and purchased a copy so I could hear the rest. The CD is awesome and was inspired by a teaching from Dr. Bill Winston on The Law of Confession. He also has a book coming soon. I love all music, but the style and chords of my Pentecostal upbringing are traditional and contemporary gospel. I have longed to hear lyrics and melodies that chant the principles of God and Trumpets his Word. In this CD I have found it. To many times the fabulous hooks and vamps we chant are stepped in negative words describing how we long for and are waiting for our heavenly Father to show up in our circumstances.

Donald Lawrence has truly captured the essence of powerful call and response gospel music that can release a spirit of joy and exuberant expectation! I don't purchase much music as when I find something that works I play it forever and ever. This is the album for me and I encourage you to get it and enjoy it as well. It is the daily lyrical and musical vitamin we all need or just the right spoon-full-of-sugar to help the medicine of life go down!

Hand Clapping and Foot Stomping Yawl!
Geechee Girl Coy

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