Friday, January 23, 2009

Eenie Meanie Miny Moe - Help Coy Pick out a Photo

Geechee Greetings,

For my birthday my Big sister V is going to do a black and white portrait of me from a recent photo. I would like your help in deciding which photo to use.

Most recently I purchased a table top book entitled Jacqueline Kennedy The White House Years. It depicts the oh so fabulous fashions she wore from 1961 - 1963 and all the marvelous additions and renovations she conducted while in residence. In the beginning pages is a timeless charcol illustration of her by Rene Bouche. It is her pre-inaugural portait and it was featured in Vogue 1961. When I saw it I knew then that I desiring a good thing, having an illustration done of me during this very eventful era of my life.

Take a look at the photographs I am considering and let me know which photo you think is the most flattering and will remain the most memorable as a black and white portrait. I know which I really like, but I value your opinion so please post an entry with your suggestion using the descriptions I provided below.

No. 1 Curly-Cue-Coy
No. 2 Smiles-4-Miles
No. 3 Mona-Geechee

Thank you,
Geechee Girl Coy


mystele said...

i love #2!

ladyd210 said...

Ok you're gonna kill me but Nessa will understand....
I like the head style of #3, the smile of #2 and the hair of #1

side head, big smile and curly hair.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

Mona geechee is my favorite! I love them all. Maybe I will have to all three!!!!! It's an honor honey bunny! For all you do this pictures for you!

Coy Curry said...

Hey yawl!!! Thanks for the feedback. Dosia you are a mess gurl. V, I'll take all three fo sho, hee hee. The results are pouring in to my email address. I will post the votes soon. Thanks again everyone!

Firstshot1 said...

Hey this Lamont, so assuming the white lady isn’t what you’ve changed into since I last saw you. LOL!! (You know I have to ask after Michael Jackson.) I like the one with the curly hair and the half smile. Ps. Love the Site !!!!! U macon blacts prowd awl ohva da werlad !! Translation for those who are not quite Geechee to follow! Your attention to detail and literary style is a credit to the African American race much like Barack Obama, you are going to (Make Blacks Proud ALL OVER THE WORLD!!) Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live. The human race has only one really effective weapon and that is laughter. Love you guys. blog u lata.” Peace

Fourborne said...

My choice is #3

Kim D said...

I like number #2! That smile! Like my dad always said, smile big - that way they won't know what you're up to! ;oD