Saturday, February 14, 2009

Una have a Geecheelcious Valetine Day!

Hi All,

It's been a minute since our last entry, but for good reason. We have been busy being wives, mothers and sister-girl-friends. On top of all of that we have been planning something special for the spring as well, but more about that later.

Right now we just want to tell you how much we love and appreciate each and everyone of you. The love and support that comes our way is constant and crazy good!

Please know that we see it, hear it, but most of all we feel it. At the most critical and crucial times it comes rushing in and overtakes us like a warm blanket pulled up at the right time in the middle of the night and we just wrap ourselves in it and bask!

Like when our boo's Ray and Will care for our seeds (our kids) helping them with their homework, cooking dinner, washing clothes, running errands, rubbing tired feet, doing hair and painting nails; or

how our visiting god-parents, Bob & Larue Miller come into town for a week and we come in to home cooked meals everyday, love, hugs and watching happy children play Apples to Apples or Rummikub with them for hours; or

when our peeps, like Angel, Pam and Wendy scoop up our kids from school when we can't get their, then take them home feed them a snack and start that homework, priceless...but wait there's more

Like when my crew of friends at work are all willing to cover reception for an hour each day so I can rush home to be with my kin folk visiting from the low country and eat dinner at a godly hour! Yippee; or

how my follow fine and performing art industry peeps, like Wendy, Anthony, Tonya, Sunny, John, Nate, Khalif, Pamela, Jennifer and Dosia all drop what they are doing to help each other make the most of an awesome opportunity!, but wait there's more.....

Like how folks are still celebrating my birthday with lunches, dinners, and drive-bys at home filled with hugs and kisses and continued birthday wishes.

Here's hoping we do the same for you. Have a wonderifical Valentine's Day and more than getting love, give love in a big way now and forever. It really does conquer all!

Loads of dark chocolate and sunflowers!
V and Me


ladyd210 said...

Now that's love! For people who are confused, they need to read it again...this right here...that's love!

Kimberly said...

Hey Coy!

You sent me a message by mistake, regarding purchasing a piece of art from my good friend Kendra :).


Kendra Joyner said...

Hey Coy! U left a message 4 Kimberly on her blog but used my name?? I told her that u may have just said Kendra by mistake and u want a painting from her??? We are confused and just checking to see who you were talking about! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool!