Monday, May 24, 2010

Sunday Replace and Restore & Monday Vision Day

Sunday: Replace and Restore Day. First, everything, no matter what it is must have its proper place in your life. Some times the result of weekend resting and mediating often leave our personal spaces looking very lived in. Being mindful to replace and restore allows us to welcome the week with a clean slate ready to ponder the weekly vision for our lives and achieve the goals that come along with it.

Monday: Vision Day. Each of us should have a vision for our lives. Be it as big as launching a new life endeavor or the weekly cleaning out of your car. Monday is a great day to decide what will get your time and talent. Find some time to sit and ponder in your restored space. Letting your powerful mind do its thing. You'll be surprised what it will trigger that really needs your attention.

2Geechee Girls,
Coy and Nessa

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