Tuesday, December 16, 2008

One King Christmas Concert

Hello we're back! Thanks for checking in each day. We really appreciate that kind of love and support! We had an excellent time working with the cast and crew of One King. They are Dons and Divas in the very best way possible and in deed some of the best people on earth! Each night of the performance they brought their gifts of administration, orchestration, performing art demonstration, production and direction to the table and let them be used to the glory of God! It was a thing of beauty. Their kinship and artistry was and is a priceless combination.

To those of you who purchased tickets and came out to support, much love is being sent your way. V and I along with the cast and crew hope you can feel it! To those who made their way in the snow for the performance on the 16th many, many heart felt thank yous are coming your way as well! Shout out to My friends and co-workers who are like sisters! They are some of the most giving and supporting folks you will ever meet:

Edwards Angell Palmer and Dodge, LLP Legal Assistants and their family
Hillside, West Orange & South Orange, NJ Crew
Hillsborough and Dover, NJ Crew

Because of you all, V and I had the biggest group in the house on Tuesday and the energy was felt and commented on by all!

Thanks to everyone that traveled far and wide to be there and navigated Deck 4 parking to the Theatre, LOL! You rock!

Shrimp and Grits Y'all
V and Me


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

What a beautiful post Miss Coy! This is so wonderful and I will tell everyone to stop by and leave some Christmas joy! I love you so much babygirl. You make me proud!

sketched out said...

Look at you beautiful girls! I wish I was close enough to attend, that would surely lift my Christmas spirits even higher!

Merry Christmas to you and your family and I'll be looking forward to more Geechee goodness in 2009!

HIS singer said...

BRAVO BRAVO! What an awesome show, cant wait for the next one!
Love n hugs
HIS singer