Tuesday, December 9, 2008

2 Geechee Girls Sing! - 2008 DM Productions One King Christmas Concert

Hello there, In case some of you did not know yes the Geechee Girls sing! V and I have been singing since we were toddlers ages 4 and 5. Our singing parents Rev. Coy Brantley and the late, Rev. Shirley Brantley taught us to sing and how to harmonize anything and its been on and popping ever since!

Well it's been three years since we've been involved in a Christmas Concert and many of you have inquired as to when and where you can hear us sing. On December 15th, 16th and 17th we will be principal lead vocalist in the Monty Blackmore Christmas Concert Production of "One King." During the concert Vanessa Newton, my sister, Angel Lite Garrett, our sister-girlfriend and I, Coy Curry will be featured principal vocalists in four of the concert's selections. There will be costume changes, Supreme like dance moves and in one piece the three of us are even singing "The Blues!"

In preparation for the concert we have had an opportunity to work with some crazy talented folks and we want to give them a shout out, right here! Right now.

Click the YouTube link to see photos of the producer, conductor and some of the principal vocalists!

Monty Blackmore, One King Producer/Director and affectionately known to us as the Great Oz! Give Monty an idea and a minute and he can make a grand production from nothing. We are so excited and honored to be apart of this production. May this be the first of many fantastic productions. Much success Oz you deserve it! Big Ups to the One King Administrative Dream Team! Bethlyn Brookes, Cheryl Blackmore and Marlo The Great!

Rev. Rick Carlos, Musical Director and Conductor - Rick is a silent genius. His orchestral offerings are nothing short of phenomenal. We love working with him and the musicians he brings in. They are always a high caliber, a joy to work with and on point! We jokingly say about Rick, you know his stuff will be right, so you better have your stuff together and bring it! He has the uncanny ability to make you want to sing. We love that!

Nancey Jackson-Johnson, Vocal Director, singing machine and 09’ Stellar Award Nominee! Go Nancy. Nancey is a sweet heart and vocal power house. We are in awe when we watch her sing. She has an incredibly genuine spirit that shines through in everything she does. Nancey it has been our joy to work with you! Congratulations on the nomination. We hope you win!

Anthony DeWitt, Choreographer and Dancer. Anthony has choregraphed steps for the trio Angel, V and I that are so Divalicious we just want to make him proud by getting them right and doing them justice! Thanks Anthony you make being Fluffy and Fabulous Fun!

Vincent Freeman, Principal Vocalist, friend of Nancy and our new found friend as well. When we first heard Vincent warming up, and just pretending to sing, we all wanted to throw our shoes at him it sounded so fantastic. Vincent has an awesome voice. I tried hard to get a duet with him, but alas it was not to be, Angel gets to sing with him and they sound incredible. Next time Vince, you and me, k?

Pamela Harriot, Principal Vocalist, Educator and First Lady of St. Marks Methodist Church in Montclair, NJ. V and I first sang with Pamela for one of St. Marks’ holiday concerts and we have longed for an opportunity to see her showcased ever since. One King has afforded us the opportunity to hear her excellent opera/classical vocal offerings again! You go girl and when we grew up we want to look just like you!

Judithe Morales, Principal Vocalist and one of the best vocal tip givers we know. Judithe has a rich sound to her voice that is polished and beautiful. Thanks for all the tips Judithe, especially the one about throwing your voice against the wall! We will never forget that one, priceless.

Daunne Blackmore, Principal Vocalist and host extraordinaire. Lady Daunne has a grace and finesse about her that shines though in everything that she does. Her performances and presentations are always enhanced by her outstanding presence and engaging smile. Do your thing Daunne we love you!

True Worship, who are all incredible Principal Vocalists in their own right, are posing as the “Ensemble” for One King, LOL. In the music world, when you meet singers that can just pick up anything, blend it and make it sound beautiful, they are called “Vocal Ringers.” This group is one of the best set of vocal ringers around. Singing with you guys during One King has been a vocal treat. Don’t forget us when you come into your kingdom!

Angel Lite Garrett, Principal Vocalist and our sister-girlfriend for life!!!! V and I have had the pleasure of singing with Angel for over 10 years now and it has been an amazing ride. Angel has graciously showcased and featured us as soloists, songwriters and background vocalist on three of her four recordings, (i.e. Ready to Go Higher, Beautiful River and Journey, the Prelude.) Angel is a singer, songwriter, worship leader, vocal coach and arranger of arrangers. For the production One King she brings to Oh Holy Night, an outstanding sampling of her arrangement abilities and tasty harmonies. www.angelitegarrett.com Click the link and support!

Vanessa Brantley Newton, my Ace Boon Coon, My Twenty Twenty. Singing with V is as natural as eating rice and gravy! If you think she can illustrate, get ready to hold your breath when you hear her sing. She has a contralto voice like my mom that is rich and powerful. She writes lyrics that are out of this world and delivers them with the same signature uniqueness and originality seen in her illustrations. For One King we are singing an original piece, “One Starry Night” that V wrote with some help from Moo Moo Mclendon, Angel and I. She is a vocal powerhouse and when she opens her mouth to sing, you just want to lean forward and take it all in.

As The Trio, Angel, V and I have so enjoyed developing and working on the four pieces we are doing. For The Blues Angel came up with a concept close to the heart of all Americans. Then we all contributed to the lyrical rewrite. It is a piece you simply must experience! There are some vocal acrobats we do that are just off the chain! I’ve been singing with these two for over 10 years now and it only gets better and better. We can be apart doing our own thing for awhile then whammo!!! an opportunity to sing together will present itself and here comes the magic all over again. I just love singing with them. It’s like eating the perfect warmed brownie, topped with soft vanilla ice cream, warm drizzled chocolate syrup and 3 spoons! Need I say more?

To Altos everywhere! “Hey Altos!” Big ups and Kudos from Coy Curry a True Alto through and through! To those of you who know how to make the Alto sign “A” and showcase it from the hip do so with pride. I know you all are holding it down out there. Hold true to your Harmonies,Sing loud and Sing Proud, cause you know “we gone make it do what it do!”

Jesus Christ, The true "Reason for the Season" Lord and King, Counsellor, the Everlasting Father and Prince of Peace. You don't want to miss Him. He will be all up in the place doing what He does best! Loving us, helping us, and shinning through us. Let's make him proud One King Cast.

Attached below is a link to the "One King" website where you can purchase tickets and get more details. Please feel free to pass this shout out along to family and friends. We are excited about the concert and hope to see you there. Thank you for your support! www.oneking.net

Microphone check, 1,2,1,2!
V and me


mystele said...

oh, what fun, what fun, what fun!!!

Kimberly said...

Bring down the house!!!! You girls are sooooooooooo talented!!!

Merry Christmas,

HIS singer said...

"I knew you BEFORE 'when'..."
and proud of ya'll too
See you Tuesday (I'll be the crazy white gurl standing on my chair in Orchestra section waving!)

Tomás Serrano said...

Well, I´ve seen your images, but I´d like to hear you singing. Please upload any sound!!!!