Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In Memory of our Sister and Friend Tahalia Richardson

Welcome to the blog of 2geechee girls.
Where girls come to chat, laugh, shed wisdom and delight. We are launching our first blog entry in memory or our dear sister-friend, Tahali Richardson.

Today is a bittersweet day for us as our sister and friend Tahalia "Hali" Richardson died last night in California. She was only in her 30s.

We say bittersweet because Halia had been sick and just recently had a heart attack that required follow up surgery. She also had lupus and seemed to often be in a fight for her life. Well the fight is over now and she is not in pain anymore. She is in her awesome new body without flaws and sickness. She wouldn't come back here if we wanted her too. For we have hope and this hope is assured to us that if we live right we will see her again. We are still very shocked by it all. In late July, we all spent the day together in Jersey. She had just cut off her beautiful locs of which she had a head full of them. She had also dropped more weight, but in a good way. She was looking fine! We sat together, laughed, watched Meet the Browns, screamed and loved all over each other. Several months before we'd just buried Leah her older sister and now we are memorializing her today. She leaves to mourn, Mama Richardson, her 7 year old son and miracle baby Hebrew and one of her dearest friends Jackki Taylor. She also leaves behind a host of sister-friends who love her and miss her already.

We will never forget her high squeaky voice that made us grin. Her comedic timing that had us rolling and doubled over with tears to boot, her fabulous, fabulous cooking and most of all her spirit and song. Tahalia was a fabulous singer and worship leader.

If you knew her give a shout-out and if you did not thanks for celebrating her life with us today. Mad crazy props to a geecheegirl at heart. Rest in peace Hali. We will miss her dearly.

The illustration of Tahali is by Nessa. Who's Nessa, click the link to and find out. It is a treat your eyes will thank you for always. Until Next time, take the poll test "You might be geechee if." Results coming soon!

Nessa & Verne...Who's Verne, tune in tomorrow.


Simply Suncera said...

Hey Ladies:

Shout out to Hali and Leah. Your'e right - they are both up in the heavenlies prancing around in their FLAWLESS bodies having a grand old time, looking down at us! I'm so blessed to have been ministerd to by her music, her voice and her presence as a friend. Oh, and that cooking! She really did make me wanna slap somebody! She is greatly missed...and Hebrew and Mother Richardson are both in my prayers. Luv Ya, Sunny.

lite said...

My goodness, I was floored and sadden that I will not hear on earth that beautiful voice again. I remember Hali getting prophesy about her voice at Christ Church. And oh! let's not forget that beautiful full head of hair (and I do mean full) that Hebrew use to sport as a young child. They were quite a pair. I will miss you girl. My prayers are uplifted for Hebrew and Mother Richardson. May God bless and keep them in this time of sorrow. Love you much, Rosa.

ruthrooted said...

Hey GGs,
It's good to see you all doing monstrous things. I am so proud of you all. Elder Sallie's roots have been nourished and they are now growing.

Shannon Stokes said...

I was soooo shocked and saddened when Jakki called me with the news. Today is Hali's homegoing service and my heart goes out to Hebrew. That boy loves his momma! And I know he will continue to be blessed by the seeds she's sown in him for the rest of his life.

soulbrush said...

i am so glad you came to my blog to visit me, and left your calling card. heck, i love your blog, and i am gonna be a regular visitor now, just you try and stop me. btw it's people like you who will keep this lovely lady's image and spirit alive.